Data manager

A crewmember who manages on-set data, which can include camera telemetry, footage, tracking telemetry, real-time scene, metadata, etc. Also referred to as data wrangler.

Engine operator

The crewmember responsible for maintaining and operating the real-time engine within the volume, and loading and operating assets.

LED engineer

The crewmember responsible for the operation and maintenance of the LED walls on a volume. Can also be called creative supervisor or screen manager.

Motion capture supervisor

The crewmember in charge of managing motion capture data, which can come from performers in suits and camera tracking systems.

Real-time compositor

The crewmember responsible for compositing different 2D and 3D elements live during production within a volume.

Systems administrator

The IT professional overseeing areas including network infrastructure, servers, and spectrum management.

Systems technical director

The crewmember with overall responsibility for the operation for all real-time specific hardware on a volume, including but not limited to LED walls, real-time render nodes, tracking systems, DMX lighting control, etc.

Video engineer

The crewmember in charge of maintaining and routing video signals to and from sources and destinations on a volume as well as other a/v operations.

Virtual camera operator

The physical operator of a virtual camera.

Virtual production supervisor

Acts as overall supervisor of the real-time visual effects efforts. Acts as the liaison between the real-time crew, art department, VAD, physical production, visual effects, and post-production.

Visual effects supervisor

The crewmember responsible for the creative and technical aspects of visual effects. Real-time assets often overlap with post-production visual effects and the virtual production supervisor.

Volume operator

A crewmember from the volume operations team; involved with the operations and content related to the LED volume. Includes Key Volume Operator, Assistant Volume Operator, VIT, etc.